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Wearing falsies is the best way to increase the length and volume of your eyelashes. Forget mascara and curlers, nothing will give you the appearance of long and bountiful lashes more than faux eyelashes. And the benefit of bountiful eyelashes? More alert peepers, quite literally eye-popping and commanding all attention. Don’t confuse fake eyelashes with your first flirtation as a teen, falsies have come on leaps in recent years – easy to apply, you don’t need a professional to apply them. However, not all fake eyelashes are created equal. True, all might promise to give a chic and polished finish, be easy to apply, and last all day but experience will show not all are living up to their promises.

Here we take you through three of the best categories of eyelashes and tell you the very best lashes on the market in each category. First up is the best falsies for a natural finish, because sometimes you just want to keep the fact that they are false a secret. Second comes the best multi-packs because you might be a novice allowing for a little trial and error or even a pro who wants a different look every day. Leaving the best to last, we review party lashes, sequins, glitter, feathers, and jewels – anything goes when the occasion demands.

Why wear false eyelashes?

There are lots of motivating factors for reaching for a falsie. Perhaps you simply want to add exaggeration to your own eyelashes or maybe your own lashes luck luster due to genetics or illness. Whatever the reason, faux lashes can go a long way to giving a confidence boost just when you need it.

What to know before you buy your first falsies

The world is your oyster
The most important thing to take note of is the fact that there are many, many options. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.
Eyelash Glue
Many eyelash adhesives contain latex and know that many people are allergic to latex so always spot test. Always do the spot test the adhesive 24-hours before you plan to use it and if you are allergic, obviously don’t use that glue again. However, don’t panic, there are so many adhesives on the market, you need not settle for something that doesn’t work for you.
Length and width can be adjusted
Not everyone has the same the same eye shape, so line up the lash before applying and cut away any extra from the width or the length.
Reuse them
Not everyone knows this but your false eyelashes can actually be rescued. Just remember to use a cleanser to remove any mascara that has been applied and give them a gentle wash.

How to apply your falsies for maximum impact:

  1. Clean – Remove old makeup and build-up from your eyes and lashes.
  2. Eye Makeup – Before you get to the lashes, apply some fresh eye makeup (liner, mascara or eyeshadow)
  3. Remove with care – Carefully remove the lashes from all packaging, this is best done with tweezers.
  4. Trim – Don’t forget to follow our tip above and trim your lashes for optimum length and width.
  5. Glue – put a dollop of glue on the back of your hand and slide the base of the strip lash in the glue. Then, carefully place the strip onto your lashes and softly press the lash base toward your natural lash line until they are even. Professionals advise applying your faux lashes just below the lash line (rather than over it) for a more natural look.
  6. Line it– Once the glue is dry, simply touch up your eyeliner to sharpen the look.

 Tips: some make-up artists swear by the “C” shaping. Before applying, bend your lashes inward to create a C-shape. This softens the straight shape, making them easier to apply whilst creating a more natural look, more complementary to the nature shape of the eye line.

The Best Fake Eyelashes For A Natural Finish

Sometimes you just want to keep a little mystic, and being subtle with your falsies is much more common than you think. Do you have a friend who has beautiful eyelashes that you totally covet? Chances are they are wearing falsies and you don’t even know it. It’s not just the subtle appearance that makes falsies a winner, ‘barely there’ lashes are wonderfully light and flexible, so even you might forget you are wearing them.
Here are the top four eyelashes for a natural finish, as reviewed by us.

  1. AGPtEK® Handmade Natural Fashion Long False Eyelashes For Makeup (10 Pairs)

    First up, know that these lashes are handmade for total precision – every single eyelash is crafted to be as natural as possible, meaning that not every eyelash is totally identical (the same way our own eyelashes differ).  The eyelash-strip is usually the first giveaway of falsies but AGPteK keeps it really thin and natural, more like a thread. These lashes are great for everyday wear but you can wear two pairs at once for a fuller look that nails it for special occasions. If the look is still too natural, but you demand something that feels light on your eyelids, remember that you can apply mascara over your falsies and emphasis with liner (best applied before fixing the lashes).
    These lashes cater for all eye-shapes, make sure to cut away any excess to achieve your perfect fit. They are super-light, meaning you can go about your day without knowing you are wearing them – just be sure to always keep it at the back of your mind because touching lashes is the biggest reason for fall off, not that these babies are going anywhere.
    Best for: Those who look for comfort and the best light-weight lash.
  1. Volùm Lashes Natural 3D Long-Lasting Mink False Eyelashes

    Mink is Beyoncé’s go-to because it has a formula that naturally resembles human hair. Don’t worry, these Volum lashes are 100% cruelty-free, using processes that don’t harm animals. Not only does Mink feel more life-like, it also lasts up to 5 times longer than synthetic lashes.
    When you take them out of the beautifully packaged silver box you’ll notice that the lashes are more ‘fluffy’ than synthetic lashes. In fact, these are so soft you will probably want to give them a little stroke.
    Each Volum lash has over 250 individual hairs, for a natural and thicker increase in volume but you would never know that you have added extensions to your lid because of the light-weight technology. These are slightly curled towards the ends, to give a fuller lash effect.
    Best for: The most realistic fake eyelash on the market, best for those who don’t want anyone to know their luscious lashes secret.
  1. Icona Lashes® Premium Quality False Eyelashes | Love Story | Natural Look & Feel | Reusable

    These lashes are spectacular for blending with your own, to give a little bit of extra va-va-voom. Best still, they come with their own pretty pink case which houses the lashes between wears. Yes, that’s right – with good care and cleaning these lashes can last up to seven wears, making them amazing value for money.
    Icona Lashes are specially crafted to not irritate your eyes, meaning you can wear them all day, every day. Unlike other ‘barely there’ falsies, these have a wider eye-strip which makes the application of them much less fiddly – simply glue, stick and go. Better still, the removal process is easy, simply cleanse and each lash is removed and ready for storage until next time!
    Best for: Those who want some value for their buck, these lashes can be worn for almost a week (removing each day) whilst ensuring your eyes don’t get irritated.
  1. Arimika 3D Long Thick Dramatic Looking Handmade Mink Fur False Eyelashes For Makeup

    These are Hhand-made from Mink fur by someone specially trained in the craft, soft and fluffy and the most authentic looking lashes on the market. If you are after something that looks totally realistic, but just serves to add a little bit of volume to your lashes then this is the product for you.
    The band strip is a little thicker than some lashes in the market, but this is essential to hold all the bountiful lashes together. We aren’t talking 20 or 30 lashes, we are mean literally hundreds per strip.
    Remove with a gentle cleanser, wash the lashes and then store in the specially designed storage box.
    Best for: Any lashaholic craving a more natural look for every day.

The Best Fake Eyelashes Multi-Packs

Sometimes life just demands a multi-pack, especially of essential beauty items. Perhaps you are addicted to faux eyelashes and wear yours daily. If you are, then the thought of running out of eyelashes must fill you with fear? This is where the multi-pack steps in. Or, perhaps, you are a fake eyelash novice and want a multi-pack to devour as your perfect your technique. Or maybe you just like to experiment and want a multipack with lots of different styling options so you are armed for any occasion. Whatever the reason, multi-packs are the way forward.
Here are the top three eyelash multi-packs, as reviewed by us.

  1. Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes

    A cheeky little four-pack, which holds lashes that can be worn multiple times. The promise is “me, but enhanced” so they are great for the girl that likes natural looking but voluminous lashes. They are thick but also long, so add volume and length – hitting two priorities at once. However, the crafting is well thought out, with shorter lashes towards the corner of the eye and longer working outwards, which is how our natural eyelash line runs.
    These are really easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Perfectly shaped to follow your eye-shape, you don’t need to worry about any corners coming undone in the dreaded fly-away.
    All lashes are exactly the same, so these are great for the girl who already knows her own style and what she wants. Keep a few boxes in your beauty cupboard so you can ensure you never run out.
    Best for: The girl who already has a beautiful relationship with her favorite Ardell lashes and wants a spare.
  1. de Prettilicious False Eyelashes, 10 Style Pairs with Beauty e-book

    Ten beautiful pairs of lashes, in ten gorgeous styles. De Prettilicious’s designers originally crafted over 40 different pairs of lashes and then asked 200 Certified Makeup Artists to choose what would make the cut for the final 10 styles to bring to market. Lashes are designed for a natural look, a dramatic look, with other looks to add some quirk and uniqueness – it’s really up to you to have fun experimenting and learning which is for you.
    On each pair of the 10 lashes the eyelash band is transparent for a totally natural look. We tested every pair and they were easy to apply with glue and stayed in place all day. All the lashes stood up to removal, cleaning and could be restored in the specially designed box until next time.
    With every purchase of this product you also receive, by email, a free beauty e-book which unlocks several secrets of the beauty world – including some tips on how best to wear your falsies.
    Best for: Those who like to mix up their lashes regime with a little bit of experimenting.
  1. AJOY False Eyelashes Set 80 Pairs Natural Long and Thick Fake Eye Lashes 10 Pair

    Eight different styles, ten pairs per style – this is a total whopper of a multi-pack. These are made from high-quality cotton stalks that are easy to both apply and remove. As well as different styles, this bumper pack includes multi-lengths from 10mm to 15mm – so there really is something for every eye shape.
    This 80 pair back is also popular amongst make-up artists, who like to provide something to meet every client’s need and style – be it, dramatic or natural. Also, as a falsie novice, you can have fun experimenting with your application and your best shape and length, guaranteed you’ll be a pro in no time.
    These are advertised as disposable after first use, not that it matters since you’ll have 79 more pairs left after wearing your first pair! Why not get your besties round for a night and have fun experimenting with works best for all of you?
    Best for: The novice faux-lasher who is still on a path to perfection or the professional who needs to stay equipped for every occasion.

The Best Fake Eyelashes For Parties And Dress-Up

Sometimes the occasion calls for something with a little bit of a ‘wow factor’. Be it dress-up or parties, how you approach your lashes is as important as to how you approach your dress and your shoes, in fact, your whole ensemble. When it comes to special occasions, there is are lashes for every one of them – be it feathers, or a glitter or rhinestones. Here we round up the top three lashes for occasions that warrant a little bit of bling.

  1. Skyluna New 5 Pair Thick Crisscross Long False Eyelashes Fake Eye Lashes Voluminous Makeup Hw-8

    We’ve already addressed the demand for false lashes with a more natural appearance, but what about lashes that go out for all round exaggeration?  Sometimes, it’s simply wonderful to have lashes that are just outstanding (be it for your wedding, or a just a party) and Skyluna? make the very best of them. Full, long and beautiful you won’t find a better lash to make a statement.
    The eyelash band is completely clear, ensuring that the only talking point is the lashes themselves. When you unbox, your lashes might initially feel stiffer than your usual go-to but remember these are extra-long and extra thick. Despite this, when applied, the lashes are light, wispy and super flexible. Each lash is carefully crafted to look like your own lash, just at its very best – extra think and extra long. Because during life’s special occasions, you shouldn’t have to worry about your falsies.
    Best for: Special occasions that demand something a little extra special.
  1. Bundle Monster New Make Up Deluxe Party Feather False / Fake Glamour Eyelashes 6 Pairs
    Be it a bachelorette party, a girls’ night out, theater show or a costume party – sometimes the occasion just calls for a little bit of fun. That’s where lashes with a little bit of cheek step in, think glamourous feathers in multi-colours and multi-designs. In this pack you receive 6 pairs, so you can have fun deciding which is for you or just make sure everyone in your girl crew gets a pair.
    As a tip, take extra care when removing them from the packaging – feathers are a bit more delicate than mink or synthetic lashes and require your tender loving care. Each pair of falsies is a combination of lashes and feathers, so they also work to enhance your own natural lashes as you wear them.
    Wear these for Halloween or Christmas, for a bit of fun that will get everyone talking. The one and only downside is the tickle factor!
    If you ask us, there aren’t enough occasions in life to wear these two – so go get making them.
    Best for: The fun moments in life.
  1. Ardell Runway Lashes, Fun-2 Rows Glitter Dots

    Let’s remember the occasions that require something special whilst still being subtle, this is where chic diamantes and glitter dots step in. These lashes by Ardell have all the boom of standard Ardell lashes (easy to wear, simple to apply, light on the eye) however, they are in a league of their own thanks to the double row of tasteful glitter diamante dots.
    The weightless silver glitter dots give the falsies a little bit of sparkle, without adding weight to the lashes. Perfect for a flawless, but special finish.
    These lashes can be re-worn, you just have to pay special attention to the glitter dots which are specially secured with an invisible glue.
    Best for: A special but sophisticated finish, for when life demands a little tasteful drama.

Just who wears false eyelashes?

Well, if you wear falsies you are in fantastic company. Let’s just look at the celebrities who are open and honest about boasting their own lashes.  The list is long but here are the biggest lovers of falsies:
Beyoncé loves her mink lashes. She uses strips by Velour called ‘Are Those Real?’ which are sold at $29.99 a pair and if you’ve seen Beyoncé on stage, you’ll see how active she is and how well these babies stay in place.
Rita Ora is also all about the Mink lashes, favoring Artémes Lashes a luxury lash line also worn by Tove Lo. Soft and natural, you’d barely know you were wearing these.
Nicole Scherzinger is all about loading her false lashes with a volume mascara – she says “Load up the mascara, let it dry, then put on another coat”. Guaranteed way to add drama.
Selina Gomez opts for lashes by House of Lashes, a multi-tiered and multi-layered lash which is 100% cruelty-free. These lashes are crafted for a natural but voluminousness finish.
Emma Watson prefers the ‘barely there’ natural look and wears individual lashes on the outer corner of her eyes.
The Kardashians (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and the Jenner sisters Kylie and Kendal) are all about the glam and wear faux lashes on both their top and bottom lashes for an exaggerated look.

Final Verdict

The ten best false eyelashes on the market for whatever life throws at you. Whether it’s for a natural day-to-day look, something as special as your wedding or downright stage theatricals – these lashes are the ones for you. Have fun experimenting and let us know which is your favorite.  No thanks needed


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