Best Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes


False eyelashes are a popular beauty and makeup look. However, they can be difficult to apply and the glue can be irritating, especially for those with sensitive eyes. Safe lash adhesives are needed to help protect the delicate eye area and prevent irritation. Latex-free and hypoallergenic eyelash glues do not have chemicals and ingredients that have been proven to aggravate skin.

If you have sensitive eyes, then you need to choose the right type of eyelash glue that is simple to apply, stays on for hours, and is safe enough for daily use.

Buying Guide - What to consider

Parabens - While taking place in low occurrence, parabens are associated with allergic response and you will discover them in some brands of eyelash adhesive. NYX Latex Free Eyelash Glue, for circumstances, includes methyl paraben however is ranked as safe health-wise by the Good Guide, which is not 100 % precise.

Long Hold Time - Your eyelash adhesive should be able to last a long time as it holds the eyelashes to your eyes. Many adhesives can hold lashes for up to sixteen or more hours. You’ll want to see which ones last the longest. The application time also includes any waterproofing capabilities. If you become teary eyed, then you don’t want your lash glue to dissolve.

Fragrance - Fragrance is another extremely allergenic component that you need to definitely prevent if you have sensitive eyes. Actually, everybody must prevent it in cosmetics due to the fact that of the unidentified and uncontrolled origin and number of compounds that jointly make up the chemical or even "natural" active ingredient called "scent". One of such chemicals is carcinogenic and hormone interrupting phthalates.

Formaldehyde - One active ingredient that is a difficult one when it comes to discovering the best false eyelash glue for sensitive eyes is a recognized irritant and carcinogen formaldehyde., lots of other eyelash glues do not since they replace it with other formaldehyde-releasing preservatives such as quaternium-15, dimethyl-dimethyl (DMDM), 1.3-diol, diazolidinyl, and a lot more.

Latex - Latex is a typical irritant and an active ingredient discovered in numerous water resistant false eyelash adhesives and not ideal for many sensitive eyes.

Glue Color and Odor - Yes, the color of the glue itself matters, because you want it to be visible enough to see on your skin. Then, after it dries, it should blend seamlessly with your face and not be visible. Without latex and other substances, your eyelash glue should not have a strong, off-putting smell.

Short Glue Drying Time - Glue drying time is also a factor. Longer times are a deterrent when waiting for lash glue to dry during application. Just like nail polish, you don’t want to be waiting for longer than a minute or two for the glue to become tacky enough to use.

Effective Glue Stickiness - Glue tackiness and stickiness makes the difference between lashes that will stay on and those that won’t. After applying glue to the eyelid, there’s a wait period so that the glue has a chance to become sticky or tacky to the touch. Then the false eyelashes are applied. If the glue is too sticky, it could quickly turn into a mess. If the glue isn’t sticky enough, then the lash won’t stick.

Easy Glue Removal - At the end of the day, eyelash adhesive must be as easy to remove as it was to apply. Some brands use eye makeup remover, while others can be removed with facial soap and water. Removing the adhesive completely will also help your sensitive eyes, so that none remains on your skin.

Advantages of Using Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue?

Your delicate eye area must be protected and treated with products that offer the safest ingredients. Latex, for example, is a known irritant. Sensitive eyes itch and burn. The biggest advantage to using a safe glue is that you will prolong your eye health. Eye problems will be avoided, such as allergic reactions, swollen eyes, and red eyes.

Another advantage is that hypoallergenic eyelash glue is just as easy to use and apply as regular eyelash glue, but without harmful extra chemicals. It is virtually the same product, using the same application methods.

Applying eyelash glue correctly will help eliminate irritation and problems and ensures lash application is perfect each time.

Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue Reviews

Our Pick

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Best Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue

This latex free glue for false eyelashes from Cardani is free of harmful chemicals that are present in regular types of eyelash glue. It is gluten free, sulfate free, BPA free, and cruelty free, as well as being vegan. It’s safe to use near your sensitive eyes and will not irritate even if some is left on and not removed by a makeup remover. It’s a blue color when still in the tube, but it dries perfectly clear. It comes in a 0.3 ounce tube.


  • Latex free with no harmful chemicals or irritating substances.
  • 6 month shelf life.
  • Easy to apply with a brush applicator and dries clear.
  • Has a strong, secure hold.


  • Leaves a sticky residue after drying.
  • Prone to clumping and becoming dried.
  • Doesn’t hold eyelashes as well.
  • Comes off with excessive crying and if eyes tear up.

Runner Up

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With the Kiss I Envy eyelash glue, you get a 5 gram tube of adhesive. It is latex free, formaldehyde free, and safe for all eyes and eyelash types. The glue goes on black and dries clear, to blend in seamlessly with your eyeliner. After applying, wait 30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky and then apply eyelashes. Lashes will stay down, even at the corners, and the glue lasts for at least 12 hours. The applicator is a brush with bristles.


  • Holds all lash kinds, both thin and thick.
  • Is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause allergies.
  • Easy to take off by using eye makeup remover.
  • Great for oily skin, since it sticks very well.


  • The adhesive isn’t strong enough for eyebrow extensions.
  • Not waterproof and will dissolve if you cry or it gets wet.
  • Takes about 15 minutes to dry completely.
  • Not recommended for individual eyelashes

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Popular makeup brand Revlon produces this Precision Lash Adhesive. It is latex free and mess free, drying clear on your eyelids. It takes about 20 seconds for the glue to become sticky before applying lashes. The applicator is a brush type, like nail polish. This lash adhesive comes in a 0.17 fluid ounce size. It comes off with eye makeup remover and can be washed with water as well. This lash glue has three different colors to let you know at what stage it’s working. First, it goes on white, then it turns blue while drying, and then it is clear when completely dried. It has no odor.


  • Waterproof and will not come off with tears or water.
  • Very strong glue and will hold eyelashes until they’re removed.
  • Will hold eyelashes for up to 18 hours.
  • No lifting of eyelashes at the corners of your eyes.


  • Difficult to keep the tube clean since the glue dries on top.
  • Has a higher price point than other types of lash glue.
  • Is not vegan or cruelty free.
  • Watery formula that takes a long time to become sticky.

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This eyelash extension glue from Stacy Lash comes in a 5 ml bottle size, much larger than many other hypoallergenic varieties. Its low fume formula reduces the chance of a client becoming allergic. It also minimizes irritation, allergies, fumes, and odors. The drying time for this adhesive is only about 5-6 seconds, so it’s very fast. It’s black in color and dries clear. It has a great consistency for applying to the lids of clients.


  • Safe, latex-free and formaldehyde-free adhesive.
  • Lasts up to 4-5 weeks, excellent for an allergy-free lash extension.
  • Packaged carefully to preserve freshness.
  • Professional quality and meant for long lasting eyelash extensions.


  • Only for lash extension professionals and not intended for use with individual lashes, cluster lashes, or strip lashes.
  • Higher price point than other eyelash glues.
  • Not for home use.
  • Could sting for clients with sensitive skin.

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This easy to use lash adhesive from Coquette Chronicles comes with an application tweezer and is easy to apply. It is free of latex, has a slight purple tint when you apply it, and it dries clear on your eyes. It doesn’t take a long time for the glue to become sticky, only about 10-20 seconds, the eyelashes stick really well, and it also lasts a long time, between 12-18 hours. This glue is easy to remove with either eye makeup remover or face soap.


  • Developed by eyelash beauty professionals.
  • Effortless to wear without the feeling of glue on the eyes.
  • No residue left on the eyelids between applications.
  • Safe for delicate or sensitive skin around the eyes.


  • Extra glue may be needed at the corners of the eyelashes.
  • Has a higher price point.
  • Doesn’t have full ingredients listed.
  • No bottle size is listed.


Though all of these brands are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive eyes, the best eyelash glue is the Coquette Chronicles Latex Free Lash Adhesive. Its slightly higher price point than other brands more than makes up for its excellent features. It is very easy to use, has a helpful purple tint when applied that then dries to clear, it keeps lashes on for well over a 12-hour period, and there is no residue left on your eyes after removal to irritate the skin. Another benefit is that this lash glue becomes sticky within about 10-20 seconds. It’s also easy to remove at the end of the day.

You can use this Coquette Chronicles eyelash glue every day, with every type of false eyelash. It’s best for anyone with sensitive eyes who also wants an excellent lash adhesive.


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