June 19, 2017

Best Eyelash Glue

eyelash glue

Wearing falsies is an excellent way to increase the length and volume of eyelashes, without the hassle of building up your own natural lashes with curlers and mascara. Or, if you are not blessed with long and bountiful lashes, fake eyelashes can go a long way to creating the lash look you have always wanted. Easy […]

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June 9, 2017

Best Eyeliner for Tightlining

Fact is, perfecting your eyeliner technique takes time and, most of all, patience. Whether it’s fabulous flicks or a super smooth streak, getting to grips with liner techniques can be tedious which is why so many beauty vloggers and bloggers are going ga-ga for tightlining – an eyeliner technique which is easy to achieve and […]

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Airbrush vs Traditional Makeup

Traditional Makeup Vs Airbrush Makeup The most common makeup tools of the trade include sponges, combs, brushes and even fingers all used to apply creams, powders, and pancakes. However, there is no doubt about the growing popularity of airbrush makeup applied specifically with an airbrush gun. So, if you are new to wearing makeup, or […]

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Luminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush System Review


  Effortlessly achieve professional quality results at home with the Legend from Luminess Air, a compact, age-defying airbrush cosmetics system. The Legend has a whisper-quiet motor, continuous airflow and a patented stylus that delivers a micro-fine mist of tiny pixels, transforming your skin from lackluster to luminous. The Legend effortlessly eliminates wrinkles, evens skin tone […]

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